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KMA Hap Ki Do

Thank you Emily and Tara for the videos from the self defense class https://www.facebook.com/​kma.hapkido/​videos/​297141701068214/​
July 12, 2019

KMA Hap Ki Do

Don't forget today is the self defense class. It runs from 4-6pm. So 7 to 13 year old class time has been changed. It will be from 5 to 6pm today only. We are hoping everyone took advantage of the free self defense class and got registered. See you there HAPKI.
July 11, 2019

KMA Hap Ki Do

Like this video ????
July 4, 2019

Tom Burbank

We have a new event coming up in August. It will be the International Summer Festival this is the same event we did last summer at Bailey Park. This year it will be at KCC as we get more information about the event we will let you know.
July 1, 2019